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Signs Your Car is Experiencing Engine Problems

Posted on 26 April 2018 by admin (0)

Dashboard lightsOne of the scariest things that can happen to a motorist is the car developing engine problems. When this happens, it might be a sign you need to start saving for a new one or else, find yourself stranded without the convenient means of transport. Regularly checking the engine may prevent some of the issues from getting worse. Regular maintenance practices will prolong its lifespan. These include simple things such as changing the oil, having enough fuel and most importantly, using quality fuel. What are the signs you should look out for?


The Dashboard Lights

When the car is switched on, the dashboard lights turn on then off. If any of the lights does not go off, it indicates there is a problem. Key to note is the engine light that can only be interpreted through a diagnostic. The light is the car’s way of telling you that all is not well. If you have a diagnostic kit, go ahead and check it or get an expert to have a look at the car. Note that the car will still start and move on even with the lights on but ignoring them could deteriorate the problem.

Car not starting

Although this is general and could mean anything, it’s good to watch out for any engine problems if you always have issues starting the car. If it will not start at all, you probably have a problem there. If it has been out in the cold during winter, the pressure might build up causing a crack in the cylinder casing. Note the noise the engine makes when starting. A cracking noise can also indicate engine problems.

Smoke from the Furnace

smokeWhen you notice smoke coming out of the exhauster pipe, this could be an indication of several problems that include poor quality of the oil used, cylinder and gasket issues. Whenever you notice smoke, take the car to the mechanic for a diagnosis. Other than this, heating is also an issue to watch out for. Steam or smoke from the car’s engine is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Leaking Oil

Do you find a pool of oil on the ground every time you park the car? This indicates a leak in the engine. If not corrected soon it means the engine is losing oil required for efficient combustion, which can lead to serious engine problems.

Jerking and Stalling

Once the car is started, it should move smoothly until it is switched off. If it suddenly starts to jerk, then stalls. This could indicate the engine has issues such as a clogged filter, fuel pipes or the plugs.

One of the most obvious indicators of engine problems is an unfamiliar noise. You may tend to wish it away but the fact is, it gets louder for as long as you ignore it.  Check where the noise is coming from and fix the problem. Ignoring a small issue can lead to losing the car engine. Always pay attention to the warning signs.