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Tips for Building Relationships with Clients That Last

Posted on 09 September 2020 by admin (0)

It’s a well-known fact that long term clients spend more over time and this can have a lasting impact on your business. Stats show that a 5 percent increase in customer retention can help in producing more than a 25 percent increase in profits. You might have built a small business such as Kettering towing service but if you want to stand the test of time, you must focus on building relationships with clients who matter, and in this regard, it means those who are willing to forge a long-lasting relationship with you.

Just like any relationship, if you want your relationship with customers to thrive, you must put in the required time, work as well as efforts. Here are some sure tips for creating a lasting and positive relationship with your clients.


Do your research

The first step towards a long-lasting relationship with your client is to do the work upfront to ensure there is success in your relationship. A solid relationship with your client will start from the very beginning. Ensure you do your research on what the client is looking for in hiring you, what they are hoping to get from the relationship, their short and long term goals, and their preferred work style. The more you learn about your clients and their expectations, the better you stand to deliver.


Establish a clear communication channel

Any long-lasting relationship is built on the foundation of good communication. Different clients have different preferences. Some prefer regular phone calls, others opt for emails while others may want video calls. It is important to get on the same page as your client in terms of their preferred method of communication. Take time to understand how your client likes to communicate and establish a relationship on the right foot.


Set proper expectations

A lot of disagreements happen in relationships because expectations are not met. Before working on a project, it is important to set proper expectations with a client. There are different expectations you would want to agree on. Set expectations on rates and pricing for work done. You also need to set clear expectations on project timelines and deliverables. Additionally, there should be clear boundaries that will protect your relationship.


Go above and beyond

The difference between having a good and having a great relationship with your clients will mostly depend on how you deliver and show up to them. You must go above and beyond to ensure your client has a positive experience with your performance. When your work exceeds expectations, you stand a better chance to impresses your client and forge a long term relationship. Ensure you are useful and offer a lot of resources to your client. You can train your client on how to get the best from your work. You can share your expertise outside the scope of your work. Additionally, ensure you always finish your projects on time.

Ensure you also treat your client with respect and the dignity they deserve. Personalize the relationship and eliminate any forms of rigidity.