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Top Things to Look for  When Buying a Car

Posted on 06 May 2019 by admin (0)

budgetBuying a car, whether new or used, can be an intimidating experience, especially to first timers. You are faced with a lot of pressure, from friends, family and worse, the salesperson. It is very important to be armed with the relevant information, else you will buy a car that frequently breaks down and needs towing services. The high price tag of new cars and the quick depreciation rate of new cars make many opt to buy used cars. However, some used cars are sold with hidden damage. Cars that are sold with such hidden damage may be quite costly to unsuspecting buyers.

If you are looking forward to buy a car, whether new or used, here are some few things to keep an eye on;

Your budget

You need to consider your budget. What is the most reasonable amount you can part with to buy a car? What form of financing are you going to use to facilitate buying a car? You need to visit different dealers and compare pricing, to determine the best option for you. You need to bargain depending with the age and condition of a car, so that you get it at the lowest price. When it comes to financing and you are using a loan, place key interest on the charges the loan accrues.


Condition of the Car

You need to check on the condition of the car. This has more to do with whether the car is imported or locally used. Pricing for a new car will be well too much bloated as compared to a used a locally used car. For a locally used car, it is very important you check on the car ownership history, repairs as well as any accidents it might have been involved in. If you are planning on importing a used car, you must pay attention to the rules of importing one.


Perform a test drive

TestIt is important to go for a test drive to ascertain the condition of a car. You will get a good feel of how the car performs as you take shifts and turns across the road. Perform other important inspections such as a leak test. You need to have a mechanic inspect the condition of the car and give you a report about the same. If it is a new car, you need to have due diligence that looks at issues such as reviewing the make and model of the car, figuring out the fair purchase price, all aimed at taking all necessary precautions to avoid buyer’s remorse.


Completing the transaction

After you have followed all due process and you are convinced that what you are acquiring is the right car for your needs, the last process is completing the process. This means you have to ensure that everything is in order as stated. Check on the provided warranty, the payment terms as well as insurance. After you are convinced you are getting the best deal, ensure you have the presence of a legal representative to help you finalize the deal.